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Hi *,

my name is Marc and I'm a german based freetime webcoder and Junior IT-Consultant (1 year work experience). I'm 26 years old and did my abitur (~ a-levels in the us or matura in austria and italia) back in 2009 and have had professional-courses in german language and biology. Still computer-related subjects accompanied me mostly since the 8th grade in middle-school-times. Also I have got a deep interest for economics, philosophy and politics, that's the reason why I have decided to study politics from 2011 until the end of 2015. My aim was to become a dataanalyst in social-research*, my B. A.-thesis was done with statistical methods and had the topic "Legitimacy Through Growth: A Comparative Statistical Analysis". To have the best basics for such a job, I decided to improve my IT-knowledge. That is how I got a job as a working-student for process- and webdevelopment in the business-area of digital marketing. I found it interesting enough to not go back to university. That's how I became what I'm now.
Nethertheless I did some computer-science-tests. Also I was interested enough to take a look on business-computer-science aswell.

Coding and webmedia-creation is a hobby of mine since I was a teenager. Back in the day, before I got interested in empirical-research, I have always thought about becomming a media-designer. That's why I'm still doing this and I'm also still interested in such topics.

My job-life is mostly about software-requirements, time-estimation, customer-care and of course a bit of coding aswell. Mostly I work with the JavaScript Framework JQuery, HTML5, XML (for webservices), sometimes bootstrap, mostly SQL and I do a lot of datamanagement-work (still I'm just a console-ruler and table-designer, not a full-stack-database-admin).

Of all the languages I have used yet, mostly I've liked to code webbased or in C#.

*If you're interested in such things, maybe you should visit correlAid. Also one of my fellow students helped this project to grow.