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How the Humanities try to modernize themselves to compete with technologic progress

In the past the Humanities as an academic discipline were known for beeing untechnologic, kind of backward, qualitative and not as a good education for the free market. Also there has been a discussion about the sense of the Humanities in modern times and it's weakness if it comes to employability in modern technologic oriented jobmarkets. Some newsauthors already declared the end of the Humanities as a studysubject - a reduction to be just a minor subject for interested students that do their Major in a different subject like Business Studies, Engineering or something like that. Still there is a silent progress going on in this discipline - the integration of statistical methods, oriented on Big-Data questions.

German science magazin "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" has published an article which is basically an Interview of the the philologist and computer-scientist Gregory Crane who works for the University of Leipzig, Germany. In his opinion the development of digital-oriented Humanities is a big window of opportunity. In this case he talks about the impact Big-Data-Methods like Text Mining could have on Textanalyses and pattern recognition. He says that some of the already established scientiests in this field of research rely on qualitative methods and are not really open for the quantitative way. Still he also sees that some of his own students, a new generation of academics, see the potentials of data-driven analyzes. From his point of view and one of his students he mentioned as an example case, it would be a great chance if the Humanites would integrate some Methods like Dataanalysis and Programming known from Computer-Science. Already existing projects in quantitative Text-analyzes would not have to be implemented by Computer-Scientist from different departments anymore, as they also do not have much time and other topics they need to work on. Also if there are already known methods to analyze texts, his students would be able to implement algorithms for their needs on their own what would make analyzing of a greater amount of written text much more open, because they would not have to be dependend to Computer-Scientists this much anymore.

This development in the Humanities could have a great impact on linguistic analyzes of cultural texts and about the development of languages. Also new hypothises could be formulated and falsificated with this method. This is also what Mr. Crane sees. I do agree to his points and want to add that this could also enlarge jobopportunities for students of this field of study. Maybe they will never compete to real Computer-Scientists in the area of mathematical or physical research, but that is not what is the goal to achive. Students of the Humanities would be able to also get into IT-Consulting in special fields and be much more into Information Science aswell. I think this is one of the most interesting ideas in this field of study since years. As a Social Scientist (B. A.) with IT-Knowledge (Minor) I can only say that this would be a great opportunity.

I always say to people interested that programming methods would be a great thing for Social Science, too. Indeed some departments hold Phyton-Courses for dataanalysis and a few are introducing students to the statistical Software R. I still think it would not be bad if a course in databases or basic knowledge in programming would be something students would be at least able to choose officially as a part of the educational programms.

Virtual-Reality rulez
Hi folks,
some of you might have heard that the new VR-glasses for the PS4 are also out in germany. It's called Playstation (R) VR and costs around 399,99 Euros. I just want to say that from my point of view this is one of the greatest steps forward since years. As the last greater steps in Engine-Development were taken in 2007 with the CryEngine 2 and the Frostbite-Engine 2 in 2010/11 and from that point we did not see any really greater improvement, modern VR-glasses are really a thing and bring more realism to gaming than any other improvement during the last 5 years.

me with VR-glasses

I have tested the so called KITCHEN-Demo of the famous Computer-Games-Series "Resident-Evil" at my best friends apartment (who is also a tech-guy :-)). It is really true that you have the feeling to be inside of the game. These devices can really create a new level of immersion. If you are able to and interested in gaming-technology, you should really try that out. Just think about the effect it could have onto the online-businnes. You could create an avatar of yourself and hold meetings at a virtual table without that anyone must be really in that room physically. In some years I suspect this to be the new thing. Videocalls will be pretty oldschool then. Just yestertech. The past. We take a big step forward to the future with technology like VR-glasses or Microsofts Hololens.
Interesting speech by Thomas Figg about the life as a Programmer
Today I just want to share an interesting and partly funny video about Computer-Programming done by a Programmer who talks about his job life. It is funny if you can imagine some of the anecdotes the speaker is mentioning. Although I dont like it if people blame people on the internet, the speaker seems like an open-minded guy what makes him kind of sympathic. Especially if he talks about seeing younger people as people willing to learn than just as noobs (that is not the term he has used) and I agree to a great part of his opinion about learning. That the most important point is, if someone asks you questions, that this can lead to motivation to find out what the answer to this question is. That is how I learned for my statistics and database courses also. In my opinion it is the best method to discuss things in groups rather then just trying to copy and paste information to your brain.

Doom4 works!
I have bought myself a copy of the Computer-Game Doom4 some days ago. Unfortunately my System could not run it, because I have had only 4 GBRam. That was the reason why I bought a 8 GB-Stick on alternate.de. Just some hours ago I stuck it into my machine and yeah - Doom4 works quite well for the fact that officially my System is to weak for it (even for the minimum-requirement). Of course I have setted up everything to low.

edit, 10.10.2016: I bought a new Graphicscard. It is a Geforce GTX 950 which costs around 150-200 Euro. With this Card and the new RAM the game runs with around 60 to 100 fps (quality-settings on middle and a non HD-resultion of 1600x900 pixels). For me - as a casual gamer more or less - this is totally enough. I guess my next upgrade will be a new Harddisc. A SSD would be a good idea ;-). So if you do not need more than 60 fps minimum, you won't need to buy an i5 like it has been stated in the official system-requirement.

Computergame Doom 4 on i3 3220
Website Update
I have defined several aims I want to achieve with this Webproject or what one should be able to do with it. The core functions were that you could create, edit and delete newsarticles, but also that you can create, edit and delete webpages.

My following task will be to define a maximum number of articles shown on this page. I want to create a Script that recognizes if you scroll to the button of the page and then loads 10 more articles via a webservice. I know how this could be implemented theoretically, but I have not yet done it before. I guess it will be interesting.

edit, 08.10.2016: The webservice is ready. Now what's missing are enough articles to have a reason to deploy it ;-). Another thing is that I need to write the function that recognizes that the scrollbar reached the bottom of the document. I guess I'm going to use JQuery for that.
Ways to get into the Web-Business
I know some people out there always ask themselves what they have to do to get a Job in the Online-Business and which are the best educational standards they should archive to have a good basic knowledge. Naturally I know that, because I have asked myself this question. Here is a short insight on my opinion. Maybe it is also interesting for some recruiters - maybe not.
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JSON based databases availible?
Of course - many of you guys might already have heard about it: There are databases outside, which also use JSON to save datainformation on their webserver. This method is know as "document-oriented database". One of the most popular offsprings of this technique is NoSQL. If you are a Webdeveloper and are thinking about increasing the performance of a blog, you should maybe think about using such a method.

Also I have to admit that I would not recommend to use this in any case. Maybe it is better to still use RDMS to be able to do complex joins and stuff like that. Nethertheless you could think about exporting the data in JSON-format with a data-export.
Option to create custom pages
I have already said that the page will be fully editable in the future (or at least the CMS after you have downloaded it and installed it on your webspace), this also counts for the webpages you can see in the navigation. Here I have done a very big step forward. The function will soon be released.

After the page-creation, page-editing and page-deleting options are availible, the image-upload will take place. The next step would be creating an option to modify the navigation aswell (so that you can also create Links and link them to totally different spots externally). The last option for the first version would be that you can edit standard-webdesigns over the admin panel - like change the backgroundcolor and so on.
Some impressions of the italian region of Puglia
This are some photos I have taken while I was on vacation in Puglia, a region in southern italy. I was visiting the family of my girlfriend there. During our stay, we have seen many different and beatiful places where I had the chance to make pictures of that you can see above.

The photos have been photographed with a Samsung ES90 camera - so I have not a professional photocamera yet. Still I think they are quite good for a 59 bugs camera.
Website will soon be usable
I guess there will be very early alpha version usable in just some days. Currently I'm working on the news-edit system.
At the moment you can only write and delete news-articles. It is not possible to modify them yet.

It's now also possible to modify the newsarticles aswell. What was kind of hard was to find out how to delete elements and still have the correct order after storing the array containing all the necessary information back to a json. I have decided to reset the ID of the JSON with the following, simple function:
for ($i = 0; $i less than sizeof($array['ID']); $i   ) { 
     $array['ID'][$i] = intval($i);